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Alexandra Barac

From 2000-2001, this young gymnast has set herself apart from others with her unique talent and skills. The simple fact that her best event was the uneven bars made her very different from many gymnasts from her country. With Romania not known in the recent past for producing strong bar workers, Alexandra was an exception to the "Romanian Rule". Alexandra's international debut was to be the 2000 Junior Europeans, although an emergency case of appendicitis required surgery and she was unable to compete. Turning sixteen in 2001 made her eligible for that year's World Championships, and Romania badly needed her bar routine. Unfortunately, Alexandra sustained a back injury early in the fall. Originally it seemed minor, and she was sent home to Sibiu to rest while her teammates competed in Holland. Her coaches hoped she'd recover to participate in the National Championship and possibly the Worlds, but doctors realized her back injury was a serious condition known as a herniated disc. Alexandra is now at home attending high school and exploring another area in which she has talent - art. Although it will most likely not involve gymnastics, her future most likely holds great promis

Birthdate: March 5, 1985
Siblings: Bianca, an older sister Hometown: Sibiu
Home Club: CSS Sibiu
First Coaches: Nicoleta Zaharia and Raluca Bugner

1996 Gala International de Gymnastique de THorigne-1st Team
1997 Romanian Nationals-2nd Team (CSS Sibiu)
1998 Junior Nationals-1st BB
1999 Romanian Nationals-7th A-A
2000 ROM vs FRA Jr Dual Meet- 1st Team, 4th A-A
2000 ITC- 2nd Team, 12 A-A(3 events)
2001 ATC-2nd Team, 7th A-A
2001 ROM vs GBR Dual Meet-1st team (competed on ub, bb, and fx, but her scores were not included in the team's)
2001 ROM-FRA-BUL Tri Meet: 1st team, 4th A-A
2001 ROM-GBR Dual Meet-1st Team, 7th A-A