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Floarea Leonida


Favorites. . .

Floarea first became known on the international scene at only twelve years old, when she made the cover of International Gymnast's magazine with her best friend, Florenta Oancea in January 1999. The previous fall, Floarea and Florenta spent six weeks in the United States with their coach, Eliza Stoica. They trained at an American gym and experienced the Thanksgiving holiday during their stay. (At the big meal, Floarea's favorite foods were the fudge and desserts)
Floarea, better known by some as Florica, gained experience competing abroad for her home club of Steaua in Italy. During her travels, Ludivine Furnon was the first non-Romanian worlds medallist that she met.
2002 has been a big year for Floarea thus far. She won the Romanian International and led the junior team at the European Championships. At only fourteen, she is well on her way to her goal of competing at the 2004 Olympics and winning the gold medal on the balance beam.