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Oana Andreea Petrovschi

(e-oh-ana on-drey-uh pet-rov-sky)

Full Name: Oana Andreea Petrovschi(she has started going by Andreea now) Birthday: February 4, 1986
Hometown: Birlad
Home Club: CSS Cetate Deva
Family: Mother, Step-father and older brother(17) live in Voiteg. She's not very close to her biological father.
Hobbies: Watching films, painting plates

1999 Romanian Nationals-2nd Team (Cetate Deva), 1st BB
2000 Rom vs FRA Jr Dual Meet-1st Team, 5th A-A
2000 Romanian International-5th A-A (exhibition only)
2000 Jr Europeans-2nd Team (alternate)
2000 ITC-2nd Team
2001 ROM vs FRA Jr Dual Meet-1st Team, 3rd A-A
2001 Romanian International-7th A-A (exhibition only)
2001 European Youth Olympic Days-1st Team, 8th A-A, 3rd BB, 5th FX, 8th UB