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Romania's Rising Gems

Hope for the Future

These young gymnasts are hopes for their nation in the future. Some have already been selected to train at Deva with the national team, but others still train at their home clubs with that hope in mind. Over this Quadrenium, they will grow and learn, and some of them will be included in that final selection for the national team. Which ones will it be? Only time will tell...

h2>Larissa Apostol Hobbies: Listening to music
2001 ROM vs FRA Junior Dual Meet: 1st Team, 9th A-A
2001 European Youth Olympic Days: 1st Team, 6th V, 7th UB

Melina Druta

Melina came to Deva in 1999 when the junior team was transferred there from Onesti. She was 11 years old. Currently, she's sidelined with a knee injury, and is home in Bucharest recovering. When her knee is healed, she'll return to join the team. Barring further injuries, Melina is definently a Romanian to watch for the future.
Home Club- Triumf Bucharest
Birthday-May 24, 1987
2001 ATC-2nd Team
2001 ROM vs FRA Dual Jr Meet-1st Team, 1st A-A

Madalina Rapeanu

home club-CSS Onesti
Favorite Event-Floor
Favorite Gymnasts-Simona Amanar and Andreea Raducan
*Madalina joined the junior national team in 2000 and currently trains in Onesti.
2000 Voralberg Tournament-5th Team. 5th A-A, 6th UB, 9th BB, 3rd FX, 3rd V
2000 Junior Nationals (ages 12-13)-1st A-A
2001 Slovakian International- 5th A-A, 3rd UB, 3rd FX, 5th V, 6th BB
2001 Hypotheek Tournament-3rd A-A

Angela Rosnitche

Home Club- Steaua Bucharest
*Angela still trains at her home club
1999 Como Cup-3rd Team
1999 Friendly Cup-2nd Team, 5th A-A
1999 Steaua Bucharest vs GTV De Hazenkamp: 2nd Team, 6th A-A

Monica Rosu

Monica's international debut came at the Top Gym Tournament in 2000 when two juniors from Deva unexpectedly pulled out. Notified only two days prior to the event, she was only able to make one training session. An ankle injury, and first-meet jitters combined to make her international debut less then expected. Many fans didn't expect to see the young gymnast again, but she perservered and was seen competing internationally throughout 2001. Most recently she competed at the Hypotheek, where she placed second. Monica was on track to win the competition until she fell off the beam twice in the final rotation. Monica currently trains with the junior team in Onesti, and her best apparatus is the beam.
2000 Top Gym Tournament: 6th Team, 12th A-A, 6th BB 12th FX, 6 V
2001 Tournament of Arques: 3rd A-A
2001 Slovakian International: 4th A-A, 6th BB, 7th UB, 7th FX
2001 Hypotheek Tournament: 2nd A-A

Cristina Sabau

Birthday-November 24, 1985
Hometown-Baia Mare
Home Club-CSS Baia Mare
Monica Sabau is Cristina's younger cousin
Cristina was injured this year and returned home to Baia Mare. She's recovered now, and training back at her home club. Unfortunately, it's not likely she'll return to Deva. 1999 Junior Zoetermeer Cup-5th A-A
2000 Romanian International-9th A-A(exhibition only)
2000 Junior Europeans-2nd Team (alternate)

Monica Sabau

Hometown-Baia Mare
Home Club-CSS Baia Mare
*She is Cristina's younger cousin
1999 Top Gym-6th A-A
2000 ROM vs FRA Junior Dual Meet: 1st Team, 7th A-A
2001 ROM vs FRA Junior Dual Meet: 1st Team, 13th A-A
2001 Romanian International: 2nd UB
2001 ROM vs GBR:1st Team(competed bars only, score didn't count towards team) 2001 ROM vs NED:1st Team, 12th A-A(UB only)
2001 World Championships: 1st Team(alternate)

Silvia Stroescu

Birthday-May 8, 1985
Home Club-Steaua Bucharest
*In CSA Steaua's Athlete of the Year, Silvia placed 10th
*Silvia was promoted to the senior national team in December of 2000
*Silvia rooms with Sabina Cojocar
1998 Top Gym-1st A-A
1999 Romanian Nationals-1st Team (Steaua Bucharest), 4th A-A
2000 Rom vs FRA JR Dual Meet-1st Team, 2nd A-A
2000 Hungarian International-2nd A-A, 1st V, 6th UB, 2nd FX
2000 Moscow Stars of the World-5th A-A, 4th V, 6th UB, 4th BB, 3rd FX
2000 Romanian International-3rd A-A (exhibition only)
2000 Jr Europeans-2nd Team, 2nd A-A, 1st BB, 1st FX, 9th V
2000 Romanian Jr Nationals-2nd A-A, 1st BB, 1st FX
2000 EcoAir Cup-4th A-A
2001 ATC- 2nd Team
2001 Romanian International-2nd A-A, 2nd BB, 5th V, 4th FX
2001 Greek International-2nd A-A, 3rd V, 2nd UB, 4th BB, 5th FX
2001 ROM vs GBR Dual Meet-1st Team 4th A-A(uncontested) 2001 ROM vs BUL vs FRA Tri Meet-1st Team, 2nd A-A
2001 ROM vs NED Dual Meet-1st Team, 4th A-A
2001 World Championships-1st Team, 11th A-A
2001 Trophee Massilia-1st Team, 3rd A-A(uncontested), 2nd BB

Petronela Vasiu

1999 Junior Nationals-1st FX
1999 Nationals-2nd Team
2000 Alpen Adria Cup(Junior Level)-1st A-A

Elena Velicu

*Elena was an alternate for the 2001 ATC
Home Club: Onesti
2000 Junior Hypotheek Shop Tournament: 3rd A-A

Steaua's Junior team and their coaches at a dual meet with  GTV De Hazenkamp held in Nijmegen, Netherlands
Steaua Bucharest's Junior Team: Andreea Vladoi, Alexandra Eremia, Florenta Oancea, Angela Rosnitche, Florica Leonida, Anamaria Gorojea