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Romania's Forgotten Stars

A page deticated to Romania's forgotten gymnasts

This site is for Romania's gymnasts of the past who never quite made it; the ones whose dreams just never came true. It is especially deticated to Ana Marie Bican, because she came so close to glory.

Each year, hundreds of little girls come to Deva for the selection. As their parents watch anxiously over the balcony railings, the very best of them are selected to remain at the school. Over the next few years they will undergo countless selections, and perhaps one or maybe two will one day be stars on the national team. But what happens to the others? With this website I would like to show about the other gymnasts at Deva. They are the ones who train hard every day, but are faced with injuries, growth spurts, or plain bad luck. Some competed nationally and internationally, but their careers ended prematurely; some could have gone so far. Some's careers last bitterly short, while others' ended far before they ever began. All this leaves the painful question in their minds, and in the minds of the fans of Romanian gymnasts, the two painful words of, "What if...?"


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