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Romania's Forgotten Stars


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Alexandra Dobrescu


Alexandra began gymnastics in 1987 in her hometown of Tirgoviste. Her first sport, however, was Judo. Her father manages a sports complex, and both her brothers are on the national Judo Team.
In 1993 Amda joined the national team in Deva, and her first competition was the 1994 Puerto Rico Cup, where she placed sixth. She competed internationally up until 1998, and could have potentially made the 1999 Worlds team.
However, Amda's career was ended after a freak accident. Alexandra had to have her appendix removed during surgery in 1998, and a careless nurse spilled boiling water into her open skin. This resulted in an injury, and Amda was never able to train again.
After recovering from her injury, Alexandra finished up high school in Deva and attended a university where she became a sports journalist. She even interviewed her former teammates at a competition in Romania.

Birthdate: May 2, 1980
Hometown: Tirgoviste
Family: Parents, Eugenia Ion and Tea Valeria, two brothers, Stefan and Laurentsu, and a sister, Valentina
Hobbies: Judo,tennis
Favorite Event: Floor