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Romania's Forgotten Stars


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Daniela Trandafir


Daniela first started gymnastics at CSS Foscani. Her talent and hard work led her to Deva, where she made the national team in 1997. She competed for Romania that year in a dual meet with Germany's junior team, where she finished sixth overall.
The next year, Dana was selected to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia for the Junior European Championships. That was the last record of competition for Daniela Trandafir. The following year, head coach Octavian Belu felt that Dana was not making enough progress, and asked her to leave the team.
So, Daniela returned home to her family in Foscani. It's not known whether she continued training at her home club, or if she simply gave up her sport altogether. But regardless, Dana never returned to Deva.

Birthdate: October 10, 1983
Hometown: Foscani
Home Club: CSS Foscani
Retired: 1999